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It’s so wrong. I shouldn’t like the way he touches me.

I shouldn’t melt in his hands. I shouldn’t ache this much for an unavailable man. 

I know this won’t last, so I’m giving him all I’ve got. 

We might be written in the sand, but he’s left a mark on my soul that I’ll take to the grave. 

Readers are encouraged to read Aggro before this novella. 

This book is a taboo age-gap romance. Some themes might be triggering for readers. CoraLee June and Carrie Gray would like to explicitly express that they are advocates for consent. The situations described in this bonus novella are completely fictitious and are not meant to condone, glorify, or support relationships of this nature. This book explores Violet’s attraction and explains her motivations as a character. Please proceed with caution.


Always Looking to Score

A spinoff Novella of international best selling book, Looking to Score.

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